Soltech RooF

With fully integrated solar cells directly in the roof tiles, you can gaze upon a beautiful roof, while at the same time using the sun’s natural energy to power your household.

SolTech RooF is a larger roofing tile with fully integrated solar cells. With a durable design it completely replaces other tile alternatives. The adaptable system can include a dummy to give your roof the same appearance, even close to the edges.

It is roughly 10 concrete tiles big to maximise the number of solar cells and with it the absorption of energy. Despite this, the roof is not more complicated to lay than conventional roofing tiles.

The solar roof becomes a natural component of the house’s thermal envelope. A perfect way for you to lower operating costs and reduce the building’s climate impact — a good investment that will pay for itself quickly.

Choose RooF for:

Comprehensive solar roof
Replaces other tile alternatives entirely.
Effective energy production
With larger roofing tiles and more working solar cells per square meter.
Simple assembly
As easy as laying conventional roof tiles.
Customisable solutions
A complete roof with great overall feeling, even in the edges and joints.