We integrate the sun into our everyday lives

Soltech is a complete provider that offers, develops, sells, installs and optimises solar cell solutions for your needs.

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Do you want to transform your home into a sustainable and attractive energy producer? By integrating photovoltaic cells directly into the building materials, you do not have to worry about the aesthetics or function. Let us show the way to the right solar cell solution for you!


Solar roofs and facades lend character to your house.

Unleash your creativity with our attractive, energy-producing building materials in various colours and designs. By letting the solar cells become part of the roof and facade, you improve your house’s look and design. At the same time, you build in long-term value, such as lower operating costs and environmental impact.


Do you want to reduce your impact on the environment and climate?

As a renewable energy source, the sun has enormous potential and we at Soltech want to make it available to many, many more people. Let us make your transition to renewable as smooth as possible. You decide the pace yourself: a complete system at once, or one step at a time. In any case, we make sure that your investment leads to reduced CO2 emissions.


We will show the way to your solar solution.

Feel confident that Soltech’s expert advisers and skilled installers can will help you find the solar energy solution that best meets your conditions. As a complete provider , we also make sure to optimise and control your solar solution – all in order to maximise the value of your investment over time.


Ready to integrate solar into your everyday life?

Contact us to learn more about solar power and how we and our products can make your property more self-sufficient, cheaper to operate and be a part of tomorrow’s sustainable society.