Whistleblower process

At Soltech, we are committed to living by our guidelines, principles and applicable laws. We want to make it possible to detect and act early on signals of possible irregularities within the company.

Soltech’s operations are conducted responsibly and this is crucial for the Group’s long-term success. We uphold good business ethics and strive for long-term and trusting relationships. Therefore, we have a code of conduct, which clearly states that our actions are required to be both legal and ethical.

Whistleblowing is about paying attention to misconduct and the term has come to be used both for alarms to the media and when raising internal attention to problems.

Our hope is that it will always feel natural to talk to us directly if you see things that should not happen, but even if you want to be anonymous, it should be possible to point out problems. That’s why we offer a whistleblower channel together with Lantero.

The channel is intended to capture serious deviations from law or code of conduct. All reports will be processed, but if they are judged to be outside the system’s purpose, they will not be processed according to the system’s routines.

To make a report, go to an external website and fill in a form with relevant information. Cases are investigated by an external and independent lawyer.

Please read more in our Code of conduct and guidelines for the whistleblower system.

Report here

To report suspected irregularities, use the reporting page above. You can change the language to English on the website. 
It is also possible to report by telephone. Telephone numbers are given on the reporting page which can be accessed via the link above.