Anna Kinberg Batra

Chairman of the Board since June 2020


Anna has been Chairman of the Board of Soltech since June 2020 and has a background in both business and politics. Anna has had the most public role as the Moderates’ first female party leader (2015-2017). Formerly also chairman of the Finance Committee and the EU Committee, energy policy spokesperson, expert in the Prime Minister’s Committee and leader of the party’s first office in the European Parliament. Information manager at the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce, project manager at Universum and Prime, board member of Avanza pension, advisor to SSE Business Lab and co-founder of Nova Talent and Jobline / Monster.

In addition to board assignments, she works as a lecturer, author and advisor to company managements, Sweden-India Business Council and McKinsey & Co. and columnist in Dagens Industri.


Degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and studies at Stockholm University

Other positions

Chairman of Svensk Solenergi
Board member of Castellum, Carasent, Svenska Rymdaktiebolaget and SJR in Scandinavia AB

Number of shares

32 091

Position of dependency

Independent in relation to the company and its management, independent in relation to the company’s major owners.

Stefan Ölander

CEO since 2018 and Board Member since 2011

Born in 1964, Stefan is one of the largest investors in SolTech and has been a Member of the Board since 2011, including Chairman of the Board between 2013 and 2018. Stefan has a background as Communications Director within SEB and Kinnevik. Stefan is also the founder of Rewir, which was Sweden’s leading branding agency in the 2000s. Stefan sold Rewir in 2006 to the Intellecta Group, listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Stefan served as CEO of Rewir and Chairman of the Board of six of Intellecta’s consulting companies in Sweden and Denmark until 2010. Stefan also invested in Zacco in 2011. Zacco is a leading consultancy company in intellectual property law with operations in 5 countries and with sales of approx. SEK 600 million. Stefan is currently one of the three principle owners of Zacco and sits on the Board of Directors. Stefan has been President and Chairman of Zacco for various periods.


Other positions
Board Member of Zacco AB (public), Chairman of the Board of Advanced SolTech Sweden AB (public) and Board Member of Advanced SolTech Renewable Energy Hangzhou Co. Ltd.

Chairman of the board in NP-Gruppen AB, Swede Energy Power Solutions AB, Soltech Sales & Support AB, Territorium AB, Ölander Invest AB, SEPSSOLT AB.
Board member in Soltech Energy Sweden AB (publ)

Number of shares
Through the company and privately, 1 372 686 shares

Position of dependency
Dependent in relation to major shareholders, dependent in relation to the company and management.

Hellen Wohlin Lidgard

Board Member since may 2021

Education: Master of Science in
Electrophysics and studies at the
School of Economics

Other board assignments:
Nordstjernan Growth
Yellow Elk
Baloo Learning
Quantum Leap

Work experience:
20 years of experience as CEO and
Chairman of the Board to run
technology and consulting
companies. CEO of Baloo Learning,
former founder and CEO of Pointer
and CEO of Affecto Sweden.

Former board member of, among others,
the Seventh AP Fund, Hifab,
Kvadrat, Prismatic Sensors, 7 years
of experience in M&A business as
an advisor in corporate finance.

Independence: Yes

Number of shares in Soltech
Energy Sweden AB: 0

Mats Holmfeldt

Board Member since may 2021

Education: Business and
Economics at Stockholm
University, Higher Banking
education within SEB, HHS
Wallenberg Institute (SEB Senior
Management Program) and board
education at Michael Berglund.

Other board assignments:
Findec and Decentralized AB
Centiglobe AB
Paynova AB
Trine AB
Green Assets Wallet AB
6G Digital Sweden AB
Innograte AB
SWE Fintech Ventures AB
Go Active International AB

Work experience:
25 years of experience in senior
positions in the banking and
finance industry for example. SEB,
Swedbank, Intrum Justitia and
within the Soltech Group.
Worked as an advisor and board
member in a number of start-ups
and innovation companies within
Fintech and Green Finance.

Independence: Yes

Number of shares in Soltech
Energy Sweden AB: 0

Göran Starkebo

Member of the Board since 2009

Göran is a partner at the Carat Advokatbyrå (Law Firm). His special areas of legal expertise are Internet protocol (IP) and Business Law.  Prior to joining Carat, he was a partner at the Nihlmark & Zacharoff Advokatbyrå. Before that, Göran worked for Albihn’s Patent Bureau, with responsibility for the firm’s IP section and was a sought after patent attorney within that area. Göran’s legal background also includes a stint as a Judge with the Svea Court of Appeals and as an attorney within the Ministry of Finance, where he applied his legal skills to the presentation of law proposals. Aside from carrying out his role within the Carat Advokatbyrå, Göron is also a notably sought after advisor within the area of acquisition transactions.

Law degree from Uppsala University, Master of Law EU-law, University of Exeter, Judge trained (Court Judge with the Svea Court of Appeals))

Other work pursuits
Member of the Board of Leksands Knäckebröd AB

Total shareholdings

Position of dependency
Independent in relation to major shareholders, independent in relation to the company and management.

Jimmie Viklund

Education: MSc in Business and

Other board assignments:
NELAB Försäljnings AB Johansson
& Björnström Elinstallationer i
Boden AB
Comdate AB
Infraservice Nord AB
Comdate Access AB
Energy Technical Services Sweden
Industrihuset Motorn AB
Doorsystem in Skellefteå AB
D62 Advisors AB
ISN Holding AB

Work experience:
10 years in leading positions in IT
and Telecom companies for
example Gratistel,
Bredbandsbolaget and Telio.13
years as owner and developer of
electricity and technology
Other: Previous external board
assignments in the Bergendahl
Electricity Group.

Independence: Yes

Number of shares in Soltech
Energy Sweden AB: 80 917 shares
through corporates