Soltech Sales & Support

In 2019, Nyedal Solenergi became part of the family and took the name SolTech Sales & Support. By selling and expanding products developed in-house — ShingEl, RooF and Facade — they can offer thermal envelopes with fully integrated solar cells to Sweden’s properties.

The Company was already exploring building materials with integrated solar cells in the 1980s. Their solutions, developed for everything from free-standing houses and apartments to hospitals and industries, have helped the country’s solar market flourish.


The NP Group was founded in 1966 by Per-Ove Pettersson. Today, the family company is educating the third generation of sheet-metal workers. The NP Group are specialists on roofs; as a sheet-metal workers they have clambered across and worked on every type of roof in Stockholm for half a century. During these 50+ years, they have been honoured to deliver quality and stand by what they promise — no matter how big or small the job is.
The clientèle consists of professional clients, and the Company holds many framework agreements and repeat customers.


Swede Energy

Swede Energy has been delivering profitable and sustainable energy solutions to commercial real estate companies and industries since 1988. With 30 years of experience in power plants, we are the industry leader in converting the sun’s energy into electricity — in a safe, profitable and sustainable way.

In 2018, Swede Energy built, for example, the first stage at one of Sweden’s largest ground-based solar parks for the Swedish Business Administration in Karlskrona, consisting of a total of 22,000 panels and 6,000 kWp when the plant is expected to be completed in 2020.

Swede Energy

Advanced Soltech Sweden AB

ASAB’s revenues will consist of interest income on loans granted to companies within the Soltech Group. As collateral for borrowed funds, ASAB will obtain equity pledges in Group companies and underlying assets, i.e. at the very end of the solar power plants owned by ASRE in China.


Merasol AB

Merasol AB started in 2013 and has sales of 40 million SEK in 2019. Merasols business concept is to design and deliver complete solar energy solutions to property owners, municipalities and agriculture. They stock products to offer a high level of service. The process is simple and is designed to create confidence in the decision to choose solar energy as a natural part of the customer’s electricity mix.


Soldags i Sverige AB

Soldags i Sverige AB is one of the pioneers in high quality, aesthetic and customized solar energy solutions for the Swedish private market. With over 200 successful installations behind it, Soldags is on track to become one of Sweden’s leading players in full-service consumer offerings, which is underlined by the company’s explosive growth in sales, earnings and number of employees over the past year.




Takorama is one of the leading companies in the roofing industry with over 30 years on the market in the western part of Sweden. During the years they have gained valuable know how and a broad experience of installing a wide range of roofs. Using long lasting high quality sealing layers gives the customers the security of non leaking roofs for many years.
In their cooperation with leading manufacturers of waterproofing products, they have over the years laid many thousands of square meters still today proving that quality is key. The skilled Takorama roofers have a long history in the company and a great professional knowledge.

On 25 February 2020, entered Soltech as owner of 70% of the shares.