Our aim is to facilitate a just green transition and bring sustainable solutions to society. 

Part of the Solution

Soltech strives to integrate solar energy solutions into everyday life and increase the share of solar energy in the energy mix. Our ambition is to facilitate a just green transition and thereby contribute to the journey towards a sustainable society. 

Our sustainability agenda includes six focus areas that represent the most important issues for the Soltech Group. By focusing on these issues, Soltech becomes part of the solution to overcome the challenges that our customers sometimes face in their respective industry. 

The Soltech Group’s operates within roofing, facade, electrical engineering, charging, and storage, and besides the core business we transform all our companies to also develop solar energy solutions into their product range. This breadth gives us a broad competence and a holistic perspective when we cater for the needs for both small and large-scale energy solutions. The sun is our platform and solar energy is reflected as a major area in our sustainability work. 

Our sustainability work includes aspects from all three dimensions, environmental, social and economic sustainability. We translate it to “good for the planet, good for the people, good for Soltech and society. We are and want to be part of the solution on the path towards a more sustainable society. 

Our sustainability work is crucial for our business and in constant motion. Our focus is the green transition and our sustainability agenda will ensure that we address the areas where we have the biggest impact and potential for positive change. 

Anders Arwefeldt, Head of Sustainability Soltech Energy

Good for the planet, good for the people, good for Soltech

The focus areas we have selected represent the most important issues for us, from a social, environmental, and financial perspective. By working with these areas, we believe we have a positive impact on the planet, people, and our own operations. Click on each area below to read more about what we do.

Our Focus Areas

Climate Impact

We are one of Sweden’s largest companies in solar energy and technical solutions for renewable energy and energy storage. We operate within solar, roofing, facade, and electrical engineering. As a provider of systems that create renewable electricity in the energy system, we contribute to reduced climate impact and our ambition is for our solutions to have as little negative climate impact as possible. 

Responsible Value Chains

By managing our value chains in a responsible manner, we improve the situation of workers in the supply chain, improve environmental performance, reduce risks and contribute to positive change. We strive to offer products and solutions with minimal adverse impact throughout the value chain that suits our customer’s needs. 

The Workplace

The focus area of the workplace addresses issues related to both the physical workplace, the working environment, and staff development. Soltech’s employees are our greatest asset and the goal is to create high-performing teams and high work-life quality.

Competence supply

Having the right competence in the right place is what enables quality deliveries and the development of our organization. What we primarily work with in this focus area is the development of our processes for recruitment and enabling internal competence relocation. 


A major technological breakthrough could be crucial to support a better and more sustainable solution. With extensive experience in taking ideas to finished products, we collaborate with other actors to use innovative thinking to utilize well-developed products and services to reach new heights for a more circular and sustainable utilization. 

Resource Efficiency

An important aspect for Soltech is to use natural resources in a responsible manner in order to not cause unnecessary impact on our planet’s ecosystems. Procurement is a central function in our ambition to create circular material flows for as many of the products we use as possible. 

Governance of our Sustainability Work

The board is ultimately responsible for Soltech’s sustainability work and is the highest decision-making body. The board receives continuous information and documentation through our CEO reporting process and more extensive follow-up twice a year. 

In accordance with Soltech’s corporate governance principles, the board decides on the business plan for the sustainability area. The sustainability area within the group encompasses several functions operationally led by different people. 

Information regarding the sustainability work is published once a year in connection with the annual report (see the latest here). Reporting of information from the subsidiaries’ sustainability work occurs in the same process as for the financial information. 

Soltech’s strategic framework for sustainability is communicated to subsidiaries through the group’s CEO, the group’s chief operating officer, and the sustainability manager. The sustainability manager also acts as operational support to the subsidiaries in the implementation of the business plan and goals.