Glasberga residential area, Södertälje

Next-gen residential area

Beautifully situated at the edge of the sea, this modern residential area offers a natural dream location in nature, but it will also work together with nature. Our roofs with fully integrated solar cells have been installed on everything from stand-alone houses to terrace houses, making the entire area more self-sufficient and sustainable.

As the area’s detached homes and terrace houses differed in architecture, we chose to add both ShingEl and RooF. Both roofs can be adapted to the shape and size of the house, allowing the owner to produce as much solar energy as possible. They also give the roof a complete and comprehensive look.

Choosing roofs with integrated solar cells not only makes the properties easier to sell to tomorrow’s environmentally conscious buyers, it also shortens the construction process, requires less material and creates a higher value for the house.

About the project:

Type of product:
ShingEl & RooF
Installed effect:
75 855 W
Energy distribution:
25% of consumption
CO2 saving:
3034 kg/year
Paradoumo gruppen

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