Täby, family home

Efficient solar cells and stylish roofing tiles — all in one

There are many benefits to installing solar panels on your roof, but covering nice, traditional roof tiles can feel wrong from an aesthetic perspective. But there are options for those who want to capture the energy of the sun and choose a good-looking, stylish house at the same time.

As the roof would be renovated in any case, the family took this opportunity to invest in RooF, one of our solar roofs with fully integrated solar cells. A shorter renovation time and less need for materials make it a good investment. Today, the house can be run to a certain extent on renewable energy, which makes the family’s electricity consumption both cheaper and more sustainable.

About the project:

Type of product:
Installed effect:
5950 W
Energy distribution:
35% of consumption
CO2 saving:
178 kg/year
Private property

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