8 november 2016

Sol och vind kommer växa 4-5 gånger snabbare än andra energikällor enligt rapport från McKinsey

Solenergi går en ljus framtid till mötes, och inte minst i Kina enligt McKinsey. Texten nedan är ett utdrag ur deras senaste rapport. Läs hela rapporten genom länken nedan.

Demand for electricity will grow twice as fast as that for transport. China and India will account for 71 percent of new capacity. By 2050, electricity will account for a quarter of all energy demand, compared with 18 percent now. How will that additional power be generated? More than three-quarters of new capacity (77 percent), according to the McKinsey research, will come from wind and solar, 13 percent from natural gas, and the rest from everything else. The share of nuclear and hydro is also expected to grow, albeit modestly.

What that means is that by 2050, nonhydro renewables will account for more than a third of global power generation—a huge increase from the 2014 level of 6 percent. To put it another way, between now and 2050, wind and solar are expected to grow four to five times faster than every other source of power.

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