Patrik Hahne


Patrik has many years of experience in business development in businesses within green technology and entrepreneurship. He has a long background in corporate management with several different CEO and board roles in Sweden, the Nordic countries and Asia, as well as several different Group management positions. Patrik worked for over nineteen years in the Addtech Group with both acquisitions, onboarding and collaborations between subsidiaries. Most recently, he comes from the cleantech company Enequi, which he co-founded. Enequi works with energy optimization and power balancing in properties with their own patents via energy storage.


KTH, IFL, Stockholm School of Economics Corporate Governance

Other board assignments

Chairman of the board:

Annelunds Tak AB
Din Takläggare i Värmland – Dalsland Aktiebolag
Ljungs Sedum Entreprenad AB
Miljö & Energi Ansvar Sverige AB
Takrekond i Småland AB
Takorama AB
Tekniska lösningar i Täby AB

Board member of:

Afsens Fastighetsbolag AB
E-Mobility (Kalema E-mobility AB)
Elektrikerna Västra Götaland AB
Essaglas & Aluminium AB
Falu Plåtslageri AB
Fasadsystem i Stenkullen AB
Provektor Sweden AB
Rams El AB
Soldags i Sverige AB
Soltech Energy Solutions 1988 AB
SUD Renovables
Takab i Jönköping AB
Takbyrån i Alingsås AB
Tak & Bygg i Falun AB
TG:s El AB
Wettergrens Tak och Plåtslageri AB


200 014 shares
422 500 warrants