Oscar Nelson

Head of M&A

Oscar has 20 years of experience in business development and strategy work. He began his career in the consulting industry and has since worked in telecom and IT, as an employee at both small growth businesses and large businesses such as Ericsson. Over the past decade, Oscar has worked in senior management positions at a number of technology businesses in the software industry, with overall responsibility for finance, channel strategies and partnerships, as well as structural business. With his many years of own experience as an entrepreneur, Oscar has a personal understanding of the business builders who are behind many of the businesses that Soltech acquires. He has solid experience of managing transactions from start to finish, both on the buyer side and the seller side. He has also been responsible for several integration processes, focusing on legal aspects as well as commercial and organizational areas, in connection with mergers of companies in both solar energy and other industries.


Master of Business Administration, Master’s degree in marketing, University of Gävle

Number of shares in Soltech Energy Sweden AB

23 400 shares
422 500 warrants