2 February 2016

20,000 high school students meet SolTech

KTH (Kungliga Tekniska Högskolan/Royal Institute of Technology) has chosen SolTech for the cover of its 2016/17 Course Catalog

KTH’s Course Catalog, which reaches thousands of students, will inspire many to seek admittance to this acclaimed institution. For the cover of this year’s catalog KTH has chosen a photograph of the glass panels that are a part of SolTech’s energy solution.

In its presentation of both broader learning areas and specialized research projects, KTH strives to have its course catalog signify what the school stands for. To this end, it exercises special care in selecting which projects, people and references listed and described in the catalog are featured.

SolTech Energy develops and sells a solar energy solution that is based on research carried out over several years at KTH. As of today, the system has already been installed in eight nations and is now starting to spread to the rest of the world. This is an outstanding example of what a research project at KTH can lead to. Today, SolTech is a successful public company whose stock, distributed among approximately 5,600 shareholders, is listed on First North at Nasdaq Stockholm.

The course catalog, published in 40,000 examples, is sent to the homes of high school students attending the last year of their high school’s science and technical study program. It is also sent to high schools, adult education schools, and government employment offices.