14 February 2022

Two Soltech companies in solar energy and roof cooperaton with Castellum – order value of SEK 10 million

Two of Soltech Energy's subsidiaries, Soltech Energy Solutions and Takorama, will assist the real estate company Castellum with solar energy and roofing. Eight properties in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Jönköping will get a solar energy solution on their roofs. Two of the properties will also have their roofs redone to better accommodate the solar panels. The installations and roof restoration will be completed during the first half of 2022.

Soltech has an offensive growth strategy with acquisitions in the solar, roof, facade and electrical engineering industries. The acquired companies will together create synergies and build a strong group with cross-border expertise. Two of the Soltech Group's companies will now jointly help Castellum with additional sustainable solar energy and roofing solutions. One of several projects that proves the acquisition strategy to be successful.

Soltech Energy Solutions will build solar energy solutions on eight of the property company's properties. Prior to the solar energy installations, two of the properties will also have their roofs restored by Takorama.

– We already have a good cooperation with Castellum and it feels great that we have started the solar energy year 2022 together. Soltech has the ambition to be a community builder that drives a sustainable society transformation, and it is therefore a joy to cooperate with a real estate company that invests heavily to be a world leader in that area, says Markus Duseus, Regional Manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

More than halfway to reach the goal
Since 2020, Castellum has had a goal of building 100 large photovoltaic plants within five years. Already in the autumn of 2021, the company was halfway and facility number 50 became the solar cell facility at City Gross' grocery store in Jönköping, which was also built by Soltech. Now the real estate company keep moving forward with more solar power in sight.

– Large-scale solar energy solutions are the future. It therefore feels very good that we have agreed with Soltech on the new solar energy solutions on our properties in several cities. We see this as one of many important steps to continue to be a real estate company that really makes a difference and takes responsibility in the most important issue of our time, says Max Börling, project manager for Castellum's solar cell investment.