16 June 2022

The Soltech company Takorama performs roofing and solar cell project for the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers

Takorama is one of Soltech's roofing companies which, through the Group's transformation strategy, also offers solar energy solutions in combination with the core business, roofing. The company has now been commissioned to install a 1,400 sqm solar cell system and approximately 7,000 sqm roof on one of the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers properties in Gothenburg.

With over 30 years of experience in the roofing industry, the Ljungskile-based roofing company Takorama has a vast knowledge and experience. When the company was acquired by the Soltech Group in 2020, the journey began to add solar energy to the existing product-and service offering, something that was requested by many of the customers. The company has since the transformation into a solar roof company, carried out several installations and has a team that specializes in solar energy solutions.

Takorama will help the Svenska Mässan Gothia Towers with both roofing and a solar cell installation. In total, the installation is an approximately 1,400 sqm solar energy solution and roofing of approximately 7,000 sqm on one of the fair's roofs. CEO Michael Norrby views the project very positively.

– This is a prestigious project for us, and it is a great value for our customers that we can offer both roofing and solar cells at the same time. Svenska Mässan is also a customer relation that we have worked with before, and we are proud to have earned their trust once again, says Michael Norrby, CEO of Takorama.