15 September 2022

The solar company Soltech Energy Solutions signs a new agreement for batterystorage – order value of SEK 15 million

Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions has signed an agreement with an energy company in Sweden for a large battery solution (battery park) that will contribute to stabilizing the electricity grid with opitmization and frequency regulation. The order value for the agreement amounts to approximately SEK 15 million.

Soltech Energy Solutions within the Soltech Group focus on product development and installation of advanced energy systems, energy storage and large-scale solar energy solutions such as roof solar cell installations and solar parks. The company has been commissioned to build a battery park for an energy company and this will be one of the first hybrid solutions where a larger solar park energy facility is supplemented with an large scale energy storage battery system.
Rickard Lantz, business development manager at Soltech Energy Solutions, is positive about the agreement which will contribute to balancing and supporting the local electricity grid in the area.
– The share of renewable energy is quickly increasing, which is a very positive development. Therefore it is also important to reduce the power challenge that arises when you convert the electricity system to more renewable and weather-dependent energy production such as solar- and wind power. Therefore, it feels very good that we have signed an agreement to deliver a large-scale battery storage facility that enables our customer to sell frequency services to Svenska kraftnät, something that both stabilizes the electricity grid and generates revenue, says Rickard Lantz, business development manager Soltech Energy Solution