11 December 2023

Spanish Soltech company Sud Renovables expand its operations – opens a new branch in the Balearic Islands

Soltech's Spanish subsidiary Sud Renovables, based north of Barcelona, has now expanded to the Spanish archipelago, the Balearic Islands, through a newly opened branch. The new representation has now opened up physically in Palma, Mallorca and is the starting point for Sud's expansion into the area, that also includes Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera. This means that the company now offers solar installations to private individuals and companies on these islands.

The solar energy company Sud Renovables became part of the Soltech Group in 2022. The company, with approximately 150 employees, is active in solar energy and storage solutions. The projects often consist of large-scale solar cell facades, roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, floating installations but also solar- and energy storage solutions for private individuals and companies. The company is broadening its operations geographically as a result of high demand for its innovative and profitable installations.

Sud Renovables has now opened up its operations in Palma, Mallorca, but will also offer solar installations to private individuals and companies on the other major islands in the Balearic archipelago.
– We are pleased to strategically strengthen our presence in the Balearic Islands. With fantastic solar radiation and a high level of sustainability awareness, not least among the islands' Nordic residents and businesses. It is a place where solar energy is on the rise. It therefore feels very good that Sud Renovables and Soltech now operates in the area under the leadership of Josep Maria Rigo, says Alfred Puig, CEO and co-founder of Sud Renovables.
– I would like to warmly congratulate to the opening of the new branch. Sud Renovables is a very well-managed and profitable company that is in the forefront of renewable solutions and is now broadening its operations geographically, which we believe will create great value. Both for the Group but foremost for the continued climate transition in Spain, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.