18 December 2023

Soltechs subsidiary Takorama Elteknik in new solar, battery and roofing deals for Catena

Takorama Elteknik has been awarded three new hybrid assignments for Catena. The assignments include re-roofing, solar energy installations, energy storage and electrical engineering work and means that the company is deepening its collaboration with the logistics property company. All assignments will start in 2024 and will be carried out at logistics properties in Hisings Backa in Gothenburg. The total order value for the projects amounts to approximately SEK 36 million.

The new assignments will be carried out at Catena's properties, where Netonnet, PostNord and Survitec currently operate. All properties will have energy storage of 0.5 MW. Survitec and PostNord will also have roof-mounted solar energy installations installed.

– We are very pleased with the increased confidence we have received from Catena. In November, we agreed on a solution including solar energy, energy storage and roofing contract at one of their logistics properties in Borås. Now we look forward to helping them in the development of three properties in Gothenburg, says Pierre Sahlin, Head of the Solar Energy Department at Takorama Elteknik.

– We are now agreeing on additional solar, re-roofing and energy storage projects with Takorama Elteknik. As a property owner, it is our task to offer long-term sustainable logistics properties and this agreement is an important part of that work, says Jonas Arvidsson, Regional Manager at Catena.