19 November 2021

Soltech’s subsidiary NP Gruppen in roof and solar energy project with an order value of approx. SEK 9 million

One of the Soltech Group's companies in the roofing industry, NP Gruppen, has now entered into an agreement with the housing cooperative Shaletten-Modisten in southern Stockholm. The agreement applies to new roofs but also installation of a roof-mounted solar energy solution. The total contract amount is SEK 9 million and the construction will start during the first quarter of 2022.

Soltech has an offensive growth strategy with acquisitions in the solar, roof, facade, and electrical engineering industries. Together, we will create synergy effects and build a strong group with cross-border expertise for all types of solar solutions.

One of the group's companies, the roofing company NP Gruppen has signed a new agreement with the housing cooperative Schaletten-Modisten in Fruängen, south of Stockholm. The contract and project start will be in the first quarter of 2022 and be completed in the third quarter. The agreement applies to both roofing and a roof-mounted solar panels on one of the houses.

– I am very proud of this project, which includes roofing in combination with solar energy solutions. It suits us perfectly and we look forward to the project start, says Patrik Pettersson, CEO of NP Gruppen.

One guarantee for the whole installation
As NP Gruppen both lays the roof and installs the overhead solar energy solution, they will give one guarantee for the whole contract. This is not always the case with solar installations. If the roof is constructed by a roofing company and the solar energy installation by another company and the later happens to damage the newly laid roof during the solar installation, the guarantee does not apply. According to Patrik Pettersson, being able to perform both roofing and solar energy installations is therefore a major competitive advantage and a huge security for the customer.

– The question of guarantees is becoming more common as the number of roof-mounted solar energy installations increases. For us, it is therefore a competitive advantage to be able to offer guarantees when we construct and install both a new roof and a solar energy solution. We also notice that our customer appreciates to have one and the same contractor who takes responsibility for the entire project, from roof to solar panel, concludes Patrik Pettersson.