5 April 2022

Soltech’s subsidiary Neabgruppen wins new business with a value of approximately SEK 20 million

One of Soltech's subsidiaries in the electrical engineering industry, Neabgruppen, won a new project for electrical installations in what will be a new Clarion hotel in Södertälje. The assignment will be carried out for the construction company ED Bygg i Sverige AB. Construction will start in 2022 and solar cells are available as an option in the assignment.

Following a qualitative procedure, Neabgruppen with operations in southern Sweden, Stockholm, Linköping and Norrköping, has entered into an agreement with one of the leading construction companies, ED Bygg. The assignment applies to electrical installations in what will be Clarion Hotel's new hotel in Södertälje, with a possible solar energy solution as an option to further contribute to the green transition. The hotel will consist of 200 rooms and will also have a gym and sky bar.

Electrical installations will start in 2022 and the project is expected to be completed in 2024 by Neabgruppen, which is a total subcontractor for the electrical installation and future solar cells. Pelle Norberg, CEO of Neabgruppen, comments on the assignment and the even closer collaboration with ED Bygg.

– It feels great that we get the confidence to carry out this assignment. We already have a very good collaboration with ED Bygg, which is now further deepened and the discussion about solar energy also aligns with both companies' focus on sustainability. Neabgruppen is ready to start up the work and this really strengthens our presence in Mälardalen, says Pelle Norberg, CEO of Neabgruppen.