1 September 2021

Soltech’s subsidiary has signed an agreement for a 27,000 sq.m. roof for Skanska in Gothenburg – and at the same time prepares for future solar panels

Soltech Energy's subsidiary, Takbyrån, has signed an agreement for a roofing contract of 27,000 sq.m. for Skanska in Gothenburg. The roof is also being prepared to support a solar energy facility later.

Takbyrån has a long history of roofing contracts with insulation and waterproofing. Since the company joined the solar energy group Soltech in June 2021, the company have added solar energy to its product range. The roof contract at Spårvagnsdepån will measure 27,000 sq.m., and Takbyrån is also preparing the roof for a possible solar energy solution in the future

– This project is a” feather in the cap” for Takbyrån. A large roofing contract for an established real estate company such as Skanska is something that of course means a lot. Since we are a part of Soltech, a few months back, we have had a dialogue with Skanska about which type of waterproofing layer is best suited for roofs with solar energy panels and we will build a sustainable solution so that solar power can be added later. If the client later wants to install solar energy on the roof, ware now more than ready to assist with that job as well, says Tobias Udén, CEO of Takbyrån in Alingsås.