25 January 2022

Soltech’s subsidiary ESSA Glas & Aluminium in a facade project with an order value of SEK 92 million

A new building within Danderyd's hospital area will get glass facades by the Soltech subsidiary ESSA Glas & Aluminium AB. After winning the procurement process, ESSA will carry out the façade contract with construction starting during the summer of 2022. The assignment is carried out for Region Stockholm, through Locum AB, and has an order value of SEK 92 million.

The Soltech Group's latest acquisition in the façade industry, ESSA Glas & Aluminium, will now assist Region Stockholm's real estate company Locum with a façade solution. The project means that a new building of approximately 34,000 sqm will have glass facades installed by ESSA.

– We are both proud and very happy to be trusted with this project from Locum and Region Stockholm. This assignment is a feather in the cap for us and great for the whole company. We are more than ready to roll up our sleeves and get started, says Ola Karlsson, CEO of ESSA Glas & Aluminium.

About Locum AB
Locum manages, builds, and develops two million square meters of care properties for its owner, Region Stockholm. Through commitment, innovation, and collaboration, they offer healthcare and residents in Stockholm County attractive and sustainable care environments.

Illustration: Carlstedt arkitekter/CF Møller