4 November 2021

Soltech’s solar energy solution in Jönköping will be Castellum’s fiftieth

Castellum's solar power solution is now being put into operation on their property in Jönköping, where the supermarket chain City Gross is a tenant. It is Soltech Energy's subsidiary, Soltech Energy Solutions, that lies behind the solar facility that will be the property company's fiftieth. This means that they are now halfway to the goal of the solar investment "100 på sol".

Soltech Energy Solutions has a vast experience of green energy solutions and large-scale solar energy facilities. The company has now constructed and installed a solar power solution for the real estate company Castellum in Jönköping. The facility at Castellum's property in Jönköping will measure approximately 1,200 square meters and the property will also have a new roof by Takorama.

The solar facility will be Castellum's fiftieth. This means that the company now is halfway to reaching the goal in the climate investment "100 på sol", an investment that means that one hundred solar energy solutions will be built on Castellum's properties by 2025 at the latest.

– For several years, we have had the confidence to assist Castellum with solar energy investments, which shows a long-term perspective. This project has had high demands in terms of loadings per square meter. It therefore feels great that we now have been able to customize our efforts for Castellum, which is a property company with high ambitions for its properties, says Markus Duseus, Regional Manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

Climate-neutral operations by 2030
For Castellum, which has the ambition of being one of Europe's most sustainable real estate companies, this facility is a milestone. Not only in the work for "100 på sol" but also towards the goal of achieving completely climate-neutral operations by 2030.

– Our goals are clear. Until 2025, one hundred larger solar power solutions will be built on our properties. With the new facility in Jönköping, we are already halfway there. We look forward to a continued cooperation with Soltech and even more solar power solutions that produce large amounts of green electricity, says Max Börling, Project Manager for Castellum's solar energy investment.