16 November 2021

Soltech’s new solar energy company: “We will transform Sweden’s real estate portfolio”

Now, three solar energy companies in the Soltech Group have merged into one. Swede Energy, Merasol and Soltech Sales & Support are now Soltech Energy Solutions. The purpose of the merger is to create a strong and nationwide solar energy player that breaks new ground and creates smart properties of the future. Christoffer Caesar, CEO of the new company, talks about the ambitions.

Now, three of the Soltech Group's solar energy companies have merged to form Soltech Energy Solutions, who will be a driving force in the green transition and a market leader in the solar energy industry towards the B2B market in Sweden.

– With Soltech Energy Solutions, we become an even stronger part to build a green society. The merger gives us increased strength in our aim to become a branch leader in energy solutions with solar energy as a platform. Both through large-scale solar energy solutions such as solar parks and roof-placed solar facilities, but also through technically advanced solutions such as system balancing and energy storage. The desired position is to meet the increased electrification and power shortage. This point is undoubtedly found at the intersection between solar energy and tech solutions, and this is exactly where we position ourselves, says Christoffer Caesar, CEO of Soltech Energy Solutions.

Creates the smart real estates of the future
At the same time as the rapidly increasing electrification of the society is happening, Swedish companies suffer from power shortages and electricity prices are increasing in high speed, the need for smart cities and smart properties, that not only produce green energy but also store energy and optimize the use, are enormous. Soltech Energy Solutions therefore aims to transform the real estate portfolio to create profitable and intelligent buildings that become a natural part of a climate-smart society.

– We create direct societal benefits by transforming traditional to becoming smart energy hubs that together form the smart city of the future. We will do this by continuing to offer high-quality solar energy solutions, but also by adding smart control and storage of the energy so that it is used when it is needed the most. In this way, we increase the competitiveness of Swedish companies and make them less sensitive to fluctuating electricity prices and rampant power charges, says Christoffer Caesar.

Three priority areas for Soltech Energy Solutions:

• Large-scale solar energy solutions
Soltech Energy Solutions supplies both roof-placed solar energy solutions, solar facades, and large ground-mounted solar parks. In 2022, Soltech Energy Solutions will install Sweden's largest integrated solar façade and the Nordic region's largest roof-mounted solar energy solution.

• The smart city
We need to create smart cities to reduce our carbon emissions. Cities can no longer just generate emissions, but also need to compensate for their own climate impact. By establishing smaller, local solar facilities and a reliable energy storage and charging infrastructure, Soltech Energy Solutions wants to create the smart cities of the future where energy is produced, stored, and used decentralized where it is needed.

• The smart property
To only establish solar energy systems on the roofs of properties is to think too small-scale. To really make a difference, we need to build smarter properties. Smart solutions for energy storage and control that optimize energy use are crucial. The intelligent property will then use self-produced renewable energy when the need is greatest. This is both sustainable and profitable.