24 March 2023

Soltech’s first floating solar solution installed by Sud Renovables in Spain

Soltech's Spanish subsidiary Sud Renovables has installed Catalonia's and the Soltech Group's first floating solar energy installation. The solar panels are installed on top of a reservoir for rainwater that is used for land irrigation. The solar energy solution covers an area of approximately 715 square meters and are expected to produce approximately 140,000 kWh annually, which will be consumed by the biotechnology and agricultural company Atens.

The Spanish solar energy company Sud Renovables became Soltech's second European acquisition when they became part of the Group in 2022. The company with approximately 150 employees is active in solar energy and storage solutions. Often, the projects consist of large-scale solar facades, roof-mounted solar energy solutions and parks and with this project, now also floating solar installations.

Sud Renovables has designed and installed Catalonia's, and the Soltech Group's, first floating solar energy solution on top of a rainwater reservoir in Tarragona. The project has been carried out for Atens, a company that has a long history of developing biotechnological solutions for the agricultural sector.

Although this is Sud Renovables first on water installation, CEO Manel Romero sees that this type of solution will grow in number in the future and the company has already started the next on water project.

– We clearly see that this type of solutions will increase in the region as we have many reservoirs like this one. The floating solar panels also reduce water evaporation and the water in turn helps to cool the solar panels which increases their efficiency by 10-15 percent. Floating solar energy installations are therefore advantageous from several perspectives, says Manel Romero, CEO of Sud Renovables.