17 February 2023

Soltech’s Dutch subsidiary 365zon wins new solar projects with an order value of SEK 67 million

Soltech's Dutch subsidiary 365zon has won a solar energy auction for the Netherlands' largest association for homeowners. The winning assignment means that 365zon will install solar panels on approximately 1,000 houses during Q2-Q3. The order value for the deal amounts to approximately SEK 67 million.

The Dutch solar energy company 365zon was Soltech's first international acquisition when they were acquired in April 2022. They are one of the Netherlands' largest solar energy companies and are focused on solar and charging solutions for the consumer market, housing associations and member and consumer organizations for homeowners and tenant owned apartments.

Now the company has once again won a solar energy auction for the largest homeowners' association. The association organizes solar energy auctions to offer its members opportunities to obtain high-quality solar energy installations.

The installers who were chosen for the bid was selected by, previous customer satisfaction, delivery reliability and quality to name a few. This means that 365zon will install solar panels on approximately 1,000 houses during quarters two and three of this year.

– It feels great to gain trust once again and it’s also proof that we previously have delivered in line with the organization's high requirements. We are looking forward to helping their members take advantage of the sunrays, reduce their energy costs and become a part of the green transition, says Lars Buuts, CEO of 365zon.

– 365zon once again proves that they are a company with a strong focus on quality and a good reputation on the market. Getting renewed trust is a good sign and I want to congratulate Lars, Levi, Arjan and the team to the new deal, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.