26 April 2023

Soltech’s Dutch subsidiary 365zon wins a new solar housing association contract

Soltech's Dutch subsidiary 365zon has won a new solar energy contract at the housing association, Helpt Elkander. The assignment means that the company will install solar panels for the housing association over a three-year period with an option for a further three-year extension.

The Dutch solar energy company 365zon was Soltech's first international acquisition, when they became part of the Group in April 2022. They are a leading company on the Dutch market and are focused on solar energy and charging solutions for private individuals and housing associations but also for member and consumer organizations for homeowners and tenant owners.

They have now won a three-year solar energy contract for the housing association Helpt Elkander, who will offer their homeowners solar energy installations in an easy way. The housing association consists of over 1 000 houses and the contract means that 365zon will install solar panels for the homeowners over the next three years. In addition, the contract also includes an option for a further three-year extension.

– We are very happy to have been given the trust to assist Helpt Elkander to make their homes more sustainable in the coming years. I also want to take the opportunity to thank all our fantastic employees who make this type of assignment possible for us to carry out, says Lars Buuts, CEO of 365zon.

– I want to express my congratulations to the entire 365zon who landed this prestigious assignment over three years, which can also be extended for another three years. This type of contract proves that the market considers 365zon to be a very credible and competent company to cooperate with, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.