26 August 2021

Soltech merge subsidiaries and bring the groups solar power expertise together

Soltech Energy Sweden AB (publ) has decided to merge the operations of three fully owned subsidiaries, to create a larger and stronger Group-wide core of expertise and resources in solar energy. The merger consists of MeraSol AB being merged into Swede Energy Power Solutions AB, and most of the operations in Soltech Sales & Support AB being merged into Swede Energy. The company Swede Energy will be provisionally given the new name Soltech Energy Solutions AB.

In addition to Soltech Energy Solutions becoming one of Sweden's leading suppliers of solar energy to the corporate market, the new merged company will significantly strengthen the Group-wide support function offered to all subsidiaries. Prior to the merger, other companies in the Soltech Group will be able to receive even better support in solar energy. This greatly increases the Group's opportunities to meet the rapidly growing demand for solar energy installations that are noticeable in all parts of the country where the Soltech Group is established.

The decision to merge was made at the beginning of July, and the merger and business transfers is in full swing. An application for a name change is being processed by the Swedish Companies Registration Office. The preliminary date for the merger's execution is October 1, 2021, and Swede Energy's CEO Christoffer Caesar will continue as CEO.

– Merging the operations of three of our largest wholly owned solar companies is a decision that is based primarily on achieving synergy effects but also on the other group's rapidly growing need for industry-leading expertise and resources in solar energy. Our transformative acquisition strategy has turned out so well, which means that our roof, facade, and electricity companies now receive a lot of requests to supply solar energy throughout the country, and then it is important to have a strong national solar company in the group that can help with the transformation, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.

– By merging the operations of the Group's three largest pure solar companies, we are building a strong solar energy company. It gives us the strength to continue to take large and technically complex assignments across the country, and at the same time through our sister companies offer solar energy as a fully integrated part of the Group's roof, facade and electricity companies' offer to the market, says Christoffer Caesar, CEO of current Swede Energy Power Solutions AB.

– At Soltech, we have long had leading expertise in solar energy installations in many parts of the country. By now pooling much of this capacity in one and the same company, we can optimize both external and internal processes and systems, in a way that ensures that we can continue to be the driving innovative player in Swedish solar energy, says Johan Seeman, CEO of MeraSol AB.

– The group has quickly grown to about 400 employees, of which about 70 works in one of the three companies that now are merged. For my employees, this means even tighter collaboration, faster decision-making paths, and more efficient work processes daily. The merger feels like an exciting and at the same time completely natural consequence of us growing so fast, says Markus Svensson, CEO of Soltech Sales & Support AB.