4 September 2023

Soltech makes bolt-on acquisition – Icopal Entreprenad i Helsingborg becomes part of Takrekond

Soltech company Takrekond is now making its first bolt-on acquisition. It is Icopal Entreprenad in Helsinborg with 10 employees that will become part of Takrekond from September 1. This means that Takrekond is broadening its operations geographically and gets a new branch, Takrekond i Helsingborg, which will operate projects with large-scale roofing and solar energy solutions similar to Takrekond's existing operations in Växjö and Kalmar.

Soltech Energy acquires and develops companies in the solar, roofing, façade and electrical engineering industries. The Group also makes various types of bolt-on acquisitions to develop, strengthen and create new opportunities for existing subsidiaries.

The roofing contracting company Icopal Entreprenad's branch in Helsingborg now becomes a part of the subsidiary Takrekond through an asset acquisition. With about 10 employees and a stable financial platform the acquisition of Icopal in Helsingborg will be the starting point for Takrekond's strategic expansion into Skåne.

– This is a perfect way to further develop the company and a support for Nisse Jansson and his team at Takrekond to expand their business to Skåne. We acquire a successful business from Icopal which, in addition to roofing contracting, will also be transformed to offer solar energy services in line with Takrekond's overall strategy. I would like to warmly welcome the new employees who will now form Takrekond i Helsinborg, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.

Icopal Entreprenad AB is a roofing company with operation in southern Sweden. The company is part of the BMI Group, which is Europe's largest manufacturer of flat and steep roofs. One of the company's nine local offices is now being divested when the Helsingborg branch becomes part of the Soltech Group.