17 February 2022

Soltech is constructing a 10-hectare solar park for Åbro Bryggeri in Vimmerby – order value of SEK 40 million

Sweden's largest solar park connected to one individual industry, Åbro Bryggeri in Vimmerby. The park will be built by Soltech Energy's subsidiary, Soltech Energy Solutions. The solar park will cover an area of 10 hectares and will make Åbro Bryggeri completely energy self-sufficient with solar power. The park is planned to be in full activity during the latter part of 2022.

Soltech Energy Solutions is a nationwide solar energy company in the Soltech Group that helps property owners, industries, and landowners with large-scale solar energy solutions. The company will now build what will be Sweden's largest solar park constructed for one individual actor, Åbro Bryggeri.

Åbro Solpark will be built in proximity of the brewery and will cover an area of approximately 100 000 square meters. The solar power production from the park will be used directly by the brewery and this climate investment will make Åbro completely self-sufficient of energy.

– Åbro Bryggeri is making an extraordinary solar energy investment with a 100 000 square meter solar park that is being built right next to the brewery. It is a well-established family business with impressive sustainability ambitions, and we are very happy to once again have the confidence to help them with large-scale solar energy installations, says Rickard Lantz, Business Development Manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

An area of over 14 football fields
Since 2018, the brewery has also had a roof-mounted solar energy solution of 3,500 square meters that covered approximately 5 percent of the business's annual energy needs, also built by Soltech.

Now that Åbro Solpark is to be built, the solar energy from both the roof and the solar park will abundantly cover the brewery's energy needs. Åbro Solpark will be 10 hectares in size, which corresponds to just over 14 full-size football fields and will deliver over 8,000,000 kWh to Åbro's operations.

– Sustainability efforts is with us in everything we do at Åbro Bryggeri. Investing in a solar park that enables us to become completely self-sufficient in solar and at the same time further reduce our climate footprint is a natural step for us in that work. We want to thank Soltech for a good collaboration, says Henrik Dunge, CEO of Åbro Bryggeri.