25 August 2021

Soltech is building large solar energy solutions for Castellum and City Gross with an order value of SEK 5 million

Soltech Energy's subsidiary, Swede Energy, will now begin the construction of two solar energy solutions for Castellum on their properties in Linköping and Jönköping, where the supermarket chain City Gross is the tenant. The order value of the solar plants amounts to SEK 5 million. In Jönköping, the sister company Takorama will apply a new roofing before the solar panels are installed.

Swede Energy has a vast experience of creating large roof-mounted solar energy solutions. The solar energy company will now begin construction of two solar energy solutions for Castellum, where the tenant, the supermarket chain City Gross, then will buy all the electricity. The facilities are part of a framework agreement with City Gross that was signed in 2020. In total, the two solar plants have an order value of SEK 5 million.

– It is of great value that we have now agreed on two major solar energy solutions for Castellum and the tenant. The solar cell facilities will contribute large amounts of renewable energy to City Gross in Jönköping and Linköping. Businesses like these demonstrate the strength of our group, with the possibility of complete solutions that include both high-quality roofing and solar energy, says Rickard Lantz, Sales Manager at Swede Energy.

The solar energy construction is expected to be put into operation during the latter part of 2021. The roof of the property in Jönköping will also have a new roof, laid by one of the Soltech Group's roofing companies, Takorama.