27 September 2021

Soltech installs solar cell facade on high-rise buildings in Gothenburg with an order value of SEK 4,2 million

Soltech Energy's subsidiary, Merasol and Fasadsystem, will now install a large solar cell façade on a high-rise building in Gothenburg. The project is a remodeling where the previous facade needed to be renovated and streamlined for better effect. The solar cell façade is expected to be commissioned at the end of 2021 and the order value amounts to SEK 4,2 million.

Soltech's subsidiaries Merasol and Fasadsystem have a vast experience of preparing for, and installing, green energy solutions. Now the two companies are reinstalling a large solar cell façade on a high-rise building in Gothenburg for Tuve Bygg, where the previous installation was not optimal from an effect point of view.

– This project is great for Merasol. We get to help the customer to streamline their already existing solar cell facade and increase the installation's performance. This is a clear example of synergy effects within the solar group, where we together with our sister company jointly ensure that the customer's solar energy solution is now assembled and installed in a new way and now lasts for many years of solar deliveries in the future, says Stefan Jennefalk, Sales manager at Merasol.

Installation by Fasadsystem and solar energy by Merasol
The solar cell façade's installation system is installed by Fasadsystem, and Merasol then designs and assembles the solar panels. All solar panels that are installed are reused from the previous façade, which means that no new panels need to be produced.

– For Fasadsystem, this is a very exciting assignment from several aspects. Firstly, we get to help upgrade an existing installation, and further, we do it by reusing the solar panels, which is great from a sustainability perspective. With our new solution, the customer does not have to invest in new panels, but we pick down existing material and then reassemble the installation in a way that benefits both the customer's wallet and the environment, says Daniel Christiansen, Project manager at Fasadsystem.

– It feels great to work with a group that understands the importance of quality and that, like us, thinks circularly. We look forward to jointly helping the customer to get a newly installed solar cell façade that is installed to withstand both weather and wind and at the same time produce lots of green energy for the property, says Shirwan Amin, Site manager at Tuve Bygg.