28 April 2022

Soltech installs 4,000 sqm solar energy on a retail property in Borås

The first panel set up for the new solar energy solution is now taking place at an ICA store in Borås. The installation is being built by the Soltech companies Soltech Energy Solutions and Provektor and will cover approximately 14% of the property's electricity needs. This will be the start of an assignment from ICA Fastigheter, which also involves three more solar installations on retail properties around Sweden. Commissioning of the solar facility in Borås is planned for the summer of 2022.

The solar energy company Soltech Energy Solutions develops solutions for large landowners, property owners and logistic businesses with large-scale solar energy projects as well as charging and storage solutions.

The solar energy company will now build a 4,000 sqm solar energy solution for ICA Fastigheter in Borås on the property for Maxi ICA Stormarknad. In addition to Soltech Energy Solutions, Provektor, an electrical engineering company in the Soltech Group, will carry out the electrical installations.

The solar energy solution in Borås is the first in a series of installations that the Soltech Group will carry out for ICA Fastigheter. During the spring and summer, solar installations will also be constructed on three of ICA Fastigheter's retail properties in Ludvika, Halmstad and Nacka.

– It feels fantastic that we can help ICA Fastigheter with several large-scale solar energy solutions. The solar installation in Borås will be the first to be constructed and it feels great that the first panel is now being installed, says Jesper Ståhlberg, Key Account Manager, Soltech Energy Solutions.