1 December 2023

Soltech in new solar energy assignment for Logicenters – will install 18,600 sqm of roof-mounted solar panels

The Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions will now help the logistics property company Logicenters with a large-scale solar installation at a logistics property in Hyllinge. The solar solution will produce electricity equivalent to the annual household electricity consumption* of approximately 500 houses and cover an area of just over 18,600 sqm. Construction will start in Q2 2024.

Soltech Energy Solutions is operating in large-scale solar energy solutions and tech solutions such as battery storage for property owners, landowners and major energy companies. The company has over 30 years of experience in creating profitable and sustainable electricity production for commercial properties, not least in the growing logistics property segment.

Soltech already has a solar energy collaboration with Logicenters and has installed a number of solar energy solutions on their properties in Stockholm, Jönköping and Borås for instance. The parties have now signed a new agreement for a roof-mounted solar installation at what will be Frigoscandia's new cooling storage facility in Hyllinge. With an installed capacity of 3.5 MW, the solar panels will produce as much annually as the annual household electricity consumption of about 500 houses.

– It is very gratifying that Logicenters has continued confidence in us, which will now result in another large-scale solar energy installation. It is a logistics property owner with high sustainability ambitions and who sees solar installations like this as an obvious choice, says Elin Höglund, Commercial Manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

– It feels great that we, together with Soltech and Frigoscandia, have reached the finish line with the construction of another large solar installation. Skåne is the area in Europe with the lowest electricity production in relation to consumption, so it's especially important that we can be involved in supporting the electricity grid in this area – as the property houses a cooling storage, virtually all electricity will be used directly in the building, says Jon Malmsten, Solar Energy Manager at Logicenters.

*household electricity consumption calculated on 5,000 kWh/year.