13 March 2024

Soltech in large-scale battery park project of 12 MWh for the energy company Falu Energi & Vatten

Soltechs subsidiary Soltech Energy Solutions has now signed a new battery agreement with an order value of approximately SEK 60–70 million. The company will assist the energy company Falu Energi & Vatten AB with the design and installation of a battery park of 12 MWh. The battery storage facility will be constructed in Falun and will be Soltech’s largest battery installation in the county. The installation is expected to be commissioned in November 2024.

Soltech Energy Solutions is one of the Soltech Group’s companies within tech solutions such as advanced energy systems, energy storage and large-scale solar energy solutions. The company has now been commissioned to build another large battery park. The installation will be constructed in Falun and for the municipal energy company Falu Energi & Vatten.

– It feels great to be able to support Falu Energi & Vatten with a tech solution that will contribute with necessary frequency regulation and stabilization. Battery parks like this are an investment that will create value both for the energy company but also for the regional electricity grid, says Zen Dinha, business engineer at Soltech Energy Solutions.

A growing demand
In recent years, Soltech Energy Solutions has established itself as a market leader in large-scale battery parks. An area that is becoming an increasingly important element in the green transition to maintain the important balance between electricity production and consumption.
The company’s battery department has, among other things, helped other solar energy companies, municipal energy companies and the transport sector with the design and installation of energy storage as well as subsequent operational maintenance and service.
– The share of renewable electricity is increasing in the country, which is great. But with the expansion of unplanned electricity production, the need for stabilizing support services such as batteries also increases. We therefore see that the market for large-scale battery parks will grow further. Not least in combination with, and complement to, already established solar energy installations, says Zen Dinha.
Soltech Energy Solutions has, among other things, designed and installed the following battery parks:

  • 14 MWh for Varberg Energi
  • 2 MWh for Alight
  • 4 MWh for Tekniska verken
  • 2 MWh for Falkenklev Logistik
  • 12 MWh for Nybro Energi