21 June 2021

Soltech helps tool manufacturer Speedtool becoming self-sufficient with solar energy solution

The tool manufacturer Speedtool can now fully operate its production facility in Habo, just north of Jönköping, with the help of solar energy. Soltech's subsidiary, Swede Energy, has installed nearly 2,000 m2 solarpanels for the tool manufacturer's roof. The facility was put into operation during the spring.

Soltech Energy's subsidiary Swede Energy has a vast experience of installing large solar energy solutions and has completed a nearly 2,000 m2 solar cell plant with an output of 352 kW on Speedtools property in Habo.

– Helping prominent, local companies finding the way to green solar energy is the type of projects that really make me proud. Speedtool has a long experience, and it feels very good to have been commissioned to install their solar energy solution. We are looking forward to being a part of their continued journey, says Rickard Lantz, Sales Manager at Swede Energy.

High-tech company with environmental ambitions
Speedtool was founded in 1997 and has clients in the automotive, aerospace, offshore, appliances and furniture industries. The company's production is situated in Habo, just north of Jönköping. Now Speedtool has become self-sufficient in energy thanks to the solar energy solution. The company's CEO, Jimmy Korsbeck, believes that one of the motivators for customer to choose supplier on, is the ability to install solar energy solutions.

– Sustainability investments are an important factor for us, showing both the surrounding world, our customers and all our fantastic employees that we not only talk but also act. The solar energy solution will help us operate our high-tech machinery in a climate-smart way. Something that benefits the company and the environment in both the short and long term, says Jimmy Korsbeck, CEO of Speedtool.