12 May 2021

Soltech Energy Sweden AB (publ) quarterly report for the period January – March 2021

Strong growth during the first quarter

Despite the Corona pandemic affecting society to a greater extent in the first quarter of this year compared with 2020, Soltech succeeds in delivering very strong growth. The Group’s revenues increase by as much as 175% to SEK 145.2 million and the Swedish operations increase by as much as 212% to SEK 118.1 million.

CEO comment:
– Our focus is growth and I am very pleased with our performance during the first quarter, which in terms of revenue is the toughest quarter of the year in our industries.

First quarter in brief
• The Group’s revenues in the quarter amounted to SEK 145.2 (52.8) million. An increase of 175%
• Revenues in the Swedish operations grew to SEK 118.1 (37.8) million, an increase of 212%
• Revenues in the Chinese operations grew to SEK 27.11 (15) million, an increase of 81%

• The Group’s profit before depreciation (EBITDA) amounted to SEK -8.3 (-1.3) million. EBITDA was negatively affected by non-cash affecting effects of SEK -11.7 million as a result of increased targets and forecasts, which led to an increase in provisions for additional earn out costs

• The Group’s operating profit (EBIT) amounted to SEK -28.4 (-14.7) million. EBIT has been negatively affected by non-cash affecting effects of SEK -11.7 million as above

• Profit after tax for the period amounted to SEK -18.2, (-5.5) million. The result was affected by unrealized exchange rate differences in the Chinese operations by SEK 40.1 (34.8) million and by non-cash affecting effects of SEK -11.7 million as above

• Cash flow for the period from operating activities amounted to -4.7 (-17.3)
• The period’s cash flow for the Group amounted to SEK -101.7 (-61.4) million
• Earnings per share amounted to -0.33 (-0.05)
• Covid-19 affected the Swedish operations in the first quarter, mainly in the form of postponed projects. However, order intake remains good

Significant events during the first quarter

• Soltech acquired 76% of the shares in Annelunds Tak AB and 52% of the shares in Ljungs Sedum Entreprenad AB
• Soltech acquired the remaining 40% of the shares in the subsidiaries Swede Energy and Merasol to create the best conditions to become an even larger player in the solar energy market. Soltech now owns 100% of both companies, which strengthens the offer in the corporate and real estate market in solar energy
• Soltech acquired 100% of the electrical engineering company Provektor Sweden and its subsidiaries
• Six of Soltech's subsidiaries have together received the order to build the Nordic region's largest solar façade project with an order value of SEK 12 million
• New solar collaboration has begun between Soltech's subsidiaries Soldags and LRF, which will make it easier for more farmers to become micro-producers of solar energy.
• Soltech's Chairman of the Board Anna Kinberg Batra was elected new Chairman of the Board of Swedish Solar Energy
• Soltech sponsors the Architecture Gala

• Soltech's subsidiary in China, ASRE, signed seven orders during the quarter, which in total are expected to generate annual revenues of SEK 11.1 million, or approximately SEK 221.6 million during the agreements' 20-year maturities
• The Soltech Group is awarded a prize in China as “The most influential solar investment company 2020”
• During the quarter, Soltech's subsidiaries in China connected a total of 5.8 MW of roof-based solar power plants and had a total of 182.4 MW in producing plants at the end of the quarter.

Significant events after the reporting period
• Soltech acquired 100% of the shares in Rams El.
• Soltech's subsidiaries Swede Energy and Castellum win the Solar Energy Award 2021 in the category “Plant of the Year”. The winning facility is Hisingen Logistics Park with a roof-mounted solar cell facility of 30,000 m2
• Soltech's subsidiary Swede Energy is building a 3,000 m2 solar cell plant at the e-retailer Matsmart's central warehouse in Örebro
• Soltech's subsidiary in China, ASRE, has signed three orders that are estimated to generate annual revenues of SEK 1.2 million, or approximately SEK 31.4 million during the agreements' 20-year maturities