6 April 2023

Soltech Energy Solutions in large-scale battery project with Nybro Energi

Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions has signed an agreement with the municipal energy company Nybro Energi for what will be one of Sweden's largest battery solutions located in Nybro. The battery will have an installed power of 12 MW and will contribute to stabilizing the local electricity grid and offer frequency services to Svenska kraftnät. The battery will be in operation after the summer.

Soltech Energy Solutions is the Soltech Group's operating company within advanced energy systems, energy storage and large-scale solar energy solutions. The company has previously installed and developed several solar energy solutions together with Nybro Energi as part of a strategic solar energy collaboration. A collaboration that is now being extended when the company builds a large-scale battery park for Nybro Energi.

The battery park will be installed in Nybro and connected to the regional grid. The capacity of a 12 MW makes the battery park one of Sweden's largest of its kind. The battery complements the energy company's existing battery, which consists of a 5 MW battery, currently commissioned at their cogeneration plant. Håkan Dahlgren, CEO of Nybro Energi, sees the investment in a large-scale battery solution as an important step in their work for developing the electricity grid of the future.

– We are among the first energy companies in Sweden to invest in a large-scale battery storage of this kind. We see there is a market for these solutions and there will be a need to store energy and to stabilize the grid, when we are getting more and more renewable sources, says Håkan Dahlgren, CEO of Nybro Energi.

Balance between electricity production and consumption
As electricity production from volatile energy sources such as solar and wind increases, the electricity grid needs to be balanced. To do so, investments in battery storage are required for creating a necessary balance between electricity production and electricity consumption.

– We are very happy to help Nybro Energi with a tech solution that stabilizes the regional electricity grid. The battery storage will contribute with frequency services, cost optimization and will cut the power peaks that the increased electrification brings. This is a scalable future investment that will create great benefits onwards, says Rickard Lantz, Business Development Manager, Soltech Energy Solutions.