11 September 2023

Soltech Energy Solutions and Ra Energy in energy storage and solar energy agreement for Logistea

Now the Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions and the energy company Ra Energy have entered into an implementation agreement. The agreement means that Soltech, together with Ra Energy, will now evaluate logistics property company Logistea's property portfolio of close to 70 properties. The aim is to identify properties suitable for large-scale photovoltaic systems and battery storage. The collaboration could potentially include over 650,000 sqm of rooftop and ground-mounted solar energy, PPA electricity purchase agreements for tenants and complementary battery storage solutions.

Soltech Energy Solutions is active in project development of large-scale solar energy solutions on roofs, land and tech solutions for property owners and major energy companies. The company is also part of various value-creating partnerships with the aim of combining skills, innovation levels and resources with the goal of accelerating the green transition. Something that Soltech Energy Solutions now doing with Ra Energy.

The implementation agreement begins with the companies jointly inventorying, planning and initiating technical feasibility studies regarding Logistea's property portfolio of nearly 70 properties intended for logistics, warehousing and light industry. The companies also intend to negotiate solar power purchase agreements, PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) with the tenants who, after installation of the solar cells, are enabled to buy the solar electricity at a favorable price.

– We are very much looking forward to this collaboration in which we can really make a difference. Our deep expertise within tech solutions such as large-scale solar energy and battery solutions combined with Ra Energy's cutting-edge expertise in electricity trading and frequency trading will create great value for Logistea and their tenants going forward, says Christoffer Caesar, CEO of Soltech Energy Solutions.

Large unused areas
Ra Energy currently has a framework agreement with Logistea that gives Ra Energy the opportunity to install and build solar energy solutions on their approximately 650,000 sqm roof. Now the process of filling the property roofs with solar panels will be intensified when Ra Energy and Soltech Energy Solutions collaborate.

– With Soltech's expertise and ability to quickly install large volumes of solar solutions and Ra Energy's existing and future pipeline of access to roofs and land, we are pleased and confident to see a strong, expansive and highly profitable collaboration onwards, says Stefan Hansson, CEO of Ra Energy.