26 October 2021

Soltech Energy Solutions and Fasadsystem in large solar energy project with an order value of SEK 6.6 million

The solar energy group Soltech's subsidiaries Soltech Energy Solutions and Fasadsystem will install green energy solutions at Fastpartner's property in Solna. The property will have a solar energy system on the roof and the facade will be covered in several hundred square meters of integrated solar facade. The solar energy installation will also be optimized with the help of Ferroamp's scalable and smart energyhub system.

Soltech Energy Solutions and Fasadsystem have a vast experience of converting properties into energy producers as a contribution to the green transition. The companies have an agreement with the real estate company Fastpartner for both an integrated solar façade and a traditional solar cell system on the roof. The property is located in Solna, just north of Stockholm. Rickard Viklund, regional sales manager at Soltech Energy Solutions, reveals more about the different solutions in the project.

– For us, it is a priority not only to be a supplier of green energy solutions, but also to be a strong partner that takes an overall responsibility. Something that this project is a clear example of. The property will have both a solar energy solution on the roof and integrated solar panels on the facade, which will then be connected to a smart energy system. This is a useful way to create and optimize renewable energy, says Rickard Viklund, regional sales manager at Soltech Energy Solutions.

New design gives life to the façade
In addition to the property having a roof-mounted solar energy solution, hundreds of square meters of solar panels will cover the façade and become an integrated solar façade. The design of the solar cell façade is tailormade specially to turn the solar panels in the best possible solar position and designed to blend in with the rest of the building. Fasadsystem has constructed the installation system based on the architect's and Fastpartner's wishes, to optimize both the function and design.

– When facade companies, solar energy companies and architects work together, the solar energy buildings of the future will be created, of which this project is a proof of. Connecting facade companies and architects early in the process is key and creates unique projects and cost efficiency right from the start, says Daniel Christiansen, project manager at Fasadsystem.

– We always strive to reduce our climate impact at all levels. Therefore, we environmentally certify our buildings and strive to develop and manage our properties with the least possible resource consumption, both to create sustainable but also attractive properties. Our upcoming property in Solna with solar panels on the roof and integrated into the facade is completely in line with our sustainability ambitions and also creates a climate property with the little extra, says Mari Lindau, area manager at Fastpartner.