7 May 2021

Soltech Energy installs a 3,000 m2 solar cell plant for e-retailer Matsmart

E-retailer Matsmarts new central warehouse outside Örebro will get a 3 000 m2 solar cell plant installed on the roof. Soltech's subsidiary Swede Energy has signed the contract with Infrahubs AB and Swede will construct and build the solar cell plant on the property's roof of a total of 3,000 m2. The new green energy roof will be completed in the spring of 2022.

Swede Energy has a vast experience of building large and complex solar energy solutions and has been commissioned by Infrahubs AB to build a solar cell plant on the roof of what will be e-retailer Matsmart's new central warehouse in Örebro.

– It is a great opportunity and a interesting project for us. Matsmart is a company in the forefront of the green economy and realizes the value of putting sustainability first also when it comes to building their new central warehouse. It will be a really cool property and Swede Energy is proud to have won the deal that will supply Matsmart´s daily operation with green energy directly from the sun, says Christoffer Caesar, CEO at Swede Energy.

Solar energy was an obvious choise for Matsmart
The logistics property developer Infrahubs AB is building and managing the new e-commerce warehouse for Matsmart, whose ambition is to operate in a sustainable and modern warehouse built for the future. Matsmart concluded that solar panels on the roof is the obvious choise and a direct link to their core business.

– It is important for Matsmart to be sustainable at all levels, therefore solar power was an easy choice as energy source for the new warehouse, says Conrad Edgren, Chief Logistics Officer at Matsmart.