26 April 2021

Soltech Energy doubles Karlskrona Solpark

Now Karlskrona Solpark will grow further and become twice as big. It is Soltech's subsidiary, Swede Energy, that has started the construction of stages 3 and 4, where the company is the general contractor. Both stages have already been sold out with Skanska as the recipient of the entire stage 4 and the design work has now begun.

Swede Energy is the general contractor of Karlskrona Solpark and has previously built the park's first stages together with the municipal company Affärsverken. Now the park will double its size, which means that the park will have a total capacity of 2,400 kW, which corresponds to about 400 households' year-round consumption of electricity.

– We are both proud and happy to now start the construction to double Karlskrona Solpark's size and capacity. The solar park is located on a landfill, which has meant that we have had to use our unique installation system so as not to penetrate the ground under the facility in any way. As the landfill would not have been able to house either homes or other properties, it therefore feels extra good to let this area produce energy that is beneficial to the municipality and its inhabitants. We want to thank Affärsverken for its future thinking and good cooperation throughout the process, says Christoffer Caesar, CEO of Swede Energy.

Both stages 3 and 4 sold out
Karlskrona Solpark is a cooperative park where both private individuals and companies can buy in and take part in the green energy that the park produces. The interest in becoming a unit owner in stages 3 and 4 of Karlskrona Solpark has been great. It is now also clear that the construction group Skanska will be the sole owner of all shares in stage 4.

– That we are now continuing our investment in Karlskrona Solpark is very good. The interest has been high and the fact that a major national player such as Skanska has booked up for the entire stage 4 is proof that the solar park is attractive. It is clear that many have realized that Karlskrona has good conditions for solar energy and we look forward to now doubling the size of the solar park together with Swede Energy, says Robbert Prinselaar, product manager for solar energy at Affärsverken.