14 September 2022

Soltech construct battery park for Varberg Energi – investment of up to SEK 100 million

Soltech company Soltech Energy Solutions has signed an agreement with the municipal energy company Varberg Energi for a large battery park in Varberg that will contribute to stabilizing the electricity grid and optimizing the power output. In this project, Soltech Energy Solutions also collaborates with sister company Neabgruppen, which will carry out the electrical installation work. The total investment for the battery park amounts to SEK 100 million.

Soltech Energy Solutions is the Soltech Group's company for product development and installation of advanced energy systems, energy storage and large-scale solar energy solutions. The company has been commissioned to build what will be one of the country's largest battery system facilities for Varberg Energi.

Rickard Lantz, business development manager at Soltech Energy Solutions, tell more about the importance of both being able to offer renewable electricity production through solar energy as a response to the climate challenge and large-scale battery storage that optimizes the power output and offers flexibility services to stabilize the overall central electricity grid.

– Energy storage in the form of batteries becomes an important complement to the overall electricity grid when more and more renewable electricity production is built. This allows us to build even more weather-dependent power, such as wind and solar, which is often a challenge for grid owners because they don't offer the support services that the non-volatile facilities normally offer. With this technology, Varberg Energi can be part of the solution by offering frequency stabilization services to Svenska kraftnät. An increased amount of solar energy is known to be good for the environment, but our tech solutions also contribute with stabilization and frequency regulation so that the electricity grid can handle even more renewable electricity production, says Rickard Lantz, Business Development Manager Soltech Energy Solution.

Large-scale energy storage that supports the electricity grid
To accelerate the expansion of renewable energy types such as solar energy and wind power, which are volatile types of energy, smart and large-scale energy solutions to stabilize the electricity grid are necessary.

Therefore, Varberg Energi's battery park will be connected to the frequency market and sell support services with the aim of stabilizing the electricity grid and optimizing the power output. Energy storage such as this contributes to creating a balance between production and consumption, which becomes increasingly important when the amount of renewable electricity production grows as the electricity demand in society increases.

– It feels great to invest in a large battery system. The energy system of the future needs this type of solution to be able to receive an increasing share of renewable electricity from weather-dependent energy production such as wind and solar. This is completely in line with our positioning towards a more flexible use of the electricity system and we look forward to getting the battery park in place, says Hans Ljungström, Vice President at Varberg Energi.