22 September 2022

Soltech company Wettergrens Tak in solar energy and roof project for Riksbyggen in Örnsköldsvik

Soltech company Wettergrens Tak has now completed a solar energy and roof project for Riksbyggen in Örnsköldsvik. In total, there are eight houses that have received new metal roofing and 1,200 square meters of solar energy installed. The company's CEO Frank Fredriksson explains more about the project and that the company, based in Nyköping, also offers solutions nationwide.

Wettergrens Tak has been active in the industry for over 70 years and has been part of the Soltech Group since August 2021. The company is a comprehensive supplier that masters everything in roofing and works with private individuals, regions, municipalities, industries, construction companies and other businesses. Based in Nyköping, Södermanland, Södertälje and Stockholm have previously been the company's main areas, but now the company is also strengthening its presence outside Nyköping.

The project, which has now been completed, consists of re-roofing eight houses that have received new sheet metal roofs and roof-mounted solar energy installations. The total roof replacement amounted to approximately 3,300 square meters and the solar cells cover an area of approximately 1,100 square meters and the assignment was carried out for Riksbyggen. CEO Frank Fredriksson talks about the importance of being able to offer services in larger parts of the country.

– It feels great that we have finished this prestigious project and I want to thank Riksbyggen for the confidence. We have previously carried out projects for them in Östersund and now also in Örnsköldsvik, which is proof that we have good capacity to carry out roof and solar energy projects also in this region. For us, it is a strength not to be tied to a geographical area, especially when the number of requests from different counties increases, says Frank Fredriksson, CEO of Wettergrens Tak.