1 June 2023

Soltech company Takrekond receives new solar energy order from Nyfosa

Takrekond in Växjö & Kalmar is one of the Soltech Group's roofing companies that has been transformed into a solar roof company. A transformation that has been successful as the company now offers both roofing and solar energy services to companies and private individuals. Takrekond has now received renewed trust from the property company Nyfosa to install a solar solution at one of their industrial properties in Växjö.

The Soltech Group's strategy to acquire and then develop and transform the acquired companies is successful. By adding solar energy expertise to the acquired companies in the roof, facade and electrical engineering industries, both competitive advantages are created but also a renewed offer that is appreciated by the companies' existing customers.

This was proven not least when the roofing company Takrekond in Växjö & Kalmar was trusted to help the real estate company Nyfosa with both roofing contracting and solar energy solutions during the past year. A trust that has now also resulted in another solar energy installation on one of Nyfosa's industrial properties in Växjö.

– We are very happy to have received renewed trust from Nyfosa, with whom we have had a good collaboration for a long time. This is a proof that we have hit the right spot with our solar energy development and are slowly but surely future proofing our business and creating sustainable solutions, says Nisse Jansson, CEO at Takrekond.

Half the turnover is from solar energy
Since Takrekond was acquired by Soltech Energy, turnover has tripled and approximately half of turnover today consists of solar energy services. Furthermore, Nisse Jansson is convinced that roofing companies that want to gain continued trust from previous customers, and also be attractive to new customers, must be able to offer a combination of roofing contracting and solar energy services.

– The implementation of solar energy knowledge has, to say the least, yielded good results for Takrekond, although of course there are challenges when a classic roofing company develops into also becoming a solar energy company. But the solar transformation is progressing strongly, and it is great when former roof customers of our companies now also get in touch to get help with solar installations, says Stefan Ölander, CEO of Soltech Energy.