20 April 2023

Soltech company Takorama in roofing and solar energy project for Peab

Ljungskile-based Takorama is one of Soltech's subsidiaries which, through the Group's transformation strategy, also offers solar energy solutions in combination with their core business. Now Takorama has been commissioned by Peab to install a solar energy solution and perform roofing at Volvo Truck Center in Gothenburg. The project's order value amounts to SEK 7.4 million and construction will start in April 2023.

Peab is currently building the Volvo Truck Center project in Bäckebol, Gothenburg. The first phase of the project is expected to be completed in 2024 and the second phase in 2025. Takorama’s mission is to add 7,700 square meters of new roof and install a 1,000 square meter roof-mounted solar solution.

The property in Bäckebol is being built by Peab, a strong voice within sustainability matters in the industry. Since the ambition has been to create a sustainable property, a roof-mounted solar energy installation was therefore an obvious choice.

– It feels great to build a facility where climate-smart choices are made. We are also happy that Takorama is helping us with both the roofing and the installation of the solar energy solution, which will produce large amounts of electricity for the property's operations and charging posts, says Johan Zahlbruckner at Peab.

Both roofing and solar
Soltech acquires and develops companies in the solar, roof, facade and electrical engineering industries. Through the Group's transformation strategy, solar energy is then added to the companies' competencies. The new order from Peab proofing Takorama's strength in being able to offer both roofing services and solar energy.

– This is a very interesting and important project for us, and i would like to thank Peab for the trust. I am proud of my employees who make this combination of businesses possible and that we are now a roofing company that, in addition to roofing also offers high-quality solar energy services, says Michael Norrby, CEO at Takorama.