10 November 2023

Soltech company Takorama Elteknik in solar, battery and roofing deal for logistics property company Catena

Soltech company, Takorama Elteknik, has won a hybrid deal. The assignment means that the company will assist the logistics property company Catena with a 1 MW roof-mounted solar energy solution, energy storage with an output of 1.5 MW, reroofing and associated electrical engineering work. The assignment will start in 2024 and will be carried out on a logistics property in Borås.

With over 30 years of in various roof solutions, the Ljungskile-based Soltech company Takorama Elteknik has solid industry experience. In recent years, the company has also developed a solar energy and electrical engineering department in line with Soltech's transformation strategy, adding solar energy expertise to the core business. As a result, the company now offers complete solutions in solar energy, energy storage, roofing and electrical engineering.

The hybrid assignment for Catena includes a re-roofing of approximately 2,000 square meters and an approximately 5,000 square meter solar energy solution. Catena has also commissioned Takorama Elteknik to design and install a 1.5 MW energy storage facility adjacent to the property in order to initially be able to activate support services for the frequency market. The set-up around the energy storage will be a stand-alone system installed in connection with new electrical systems and new switchgear.

In the long term, there is also the possibility of converting the battery installation directly to the property to create additional added value. For example, peak shaving, which is a technology that evens out sudden peaks in electricity consumption and limits the load on the electricity grid.

– It feels great to have been entrusted by Catena to assist with a sustainable overall solution. This type of hybrid assignment, where we work with our customers to combine different solutions, is something we have been developing for a long time. In this we get confirmation that our broad expertise is in demand and creates security and simplicity for our customers. We look forward to contributing to a sustainable logistics property that utilize the sun and and supports the electricity grid, says Pierre Sahlin, Head of Solar Energy at Takorama Elteknik.

Developing sustainable logistics properties
Catena is a listed property company that develops and manages logistics facilities in Scandinavia's metropolitan regions on a long-term basis. The property portfolio currently consists of more than 130 properties in Sweden and Denmark.

An important part of Catenas sustainability work consists of developing energy-smart properties. Therefore, green energy solutions such as solar and energy storage are growing areas for the company.

– The combination of solar energy and energy storage is becoming increasingly important in the development of sustainable logistics properties. We are very much looking forward to working with Takorama Elteknik in connection with the solar and battery installation for one of our properties in Borås. Although solar energy investments in the logistics property industry are still partly hampered by regulations, we maintain that the real estate sector has great potential and that significant energy investments are the way forward, says Jonas Arvidsson, Regional Manager at Catena.