3 April 2024

Soltech company Sud Renovables in large solar energy project – solar panels on properties, land and parking roofs

The Spanish Soltech company Sud Renovables is currently installing one of its largest solar energy installations to date. The company is currently constructing 22,300 square meters of solar panels and several electric car chargers for the packaging company Saica in Catalonia. The installed capacity from the solar cells will be 4.7 MW and will be distributed through solar panels on the roofs of the properties, the parking roofs, and a ground-mounted solar park. The installations are expected to be completed in June.

The solar energy company Sud Renovables became part of the Soltech Group in 2022. The company, with approximately 150 employees, is active in solar energy and storage solutions. The projects often consist of large-scale solar cell facades, roof-mounted photovoltaic systems, floating installations but also solar energy and energy storage solutions for private individuals and companies.

The company is now installing one of its largest projects to date. These are large-scale solar energy solutions consisting of several types of installations on and around a logistics property in Amposta in Catalonia.

More than 8,400 panels and an installed capacity of 4.7 MW are currently being installed on the roofs of the properties, in a directly connected ground-based solar park and on the roofs of the property’s parking lots. The solar panels on the parking roofs will provide the employees’ electric cars with electricity through EV charging points that are also installed by the company.

– Sud Renovables is proud to be able to help Saica with several innovative installations. In this project, the space is used to the maximum so that we can install as many solar energy solutions as possible. The warehouse will soon be largely powered by solar energy and the staff’s electric cars will be charged using the sun’s rays, says Alfred Puig, CEO of Sud Renovables.

Solar energy on the rise in Spain
The Spanish solar energy market has been one of Europe’s fastest growing markets for years. In addition to good solar radiation, the combination of political easing and high electricity prices creates very good conditions for solar energy players in the country. The Spanish government also aims to significantly increase the share of renewable energy in the coming years and in 2023 alone, the share of solar energy in Spain’s energy mix increased from 10.1 percent to 14.6%. *

– It feels both good and important that the share of solar energy in the Spanish energy mix is increasing. As a company, we are strongly equipped to meet the demand for all types of installations, regardless of whether they are on roofs, façades, land or on water, concludes Alfred Puig.

* https://reglobal.org/outlook-for-solar-power-development-in-spain-france-and-greece/