17 August 2023

Soltech company Provektor’s largest solar energy solution to be installed for agriculture

Soltech company Provektor has been commissioned to install a more than 5,200 sqm roof-placed solar installation for Åkerholmen Lantbruk in Falköping, where 750 dairy cows produce tens of thousands of liters of milk daily. The solar panels will supply the cow sheds with solar electricity that will power milking machines, fans and coolers for the milk produced. Construction of the installation is expected to start in September.

Provektor is the Soltech Group's largest company in electrical engineering and has deep expertise in electrical installation and automation. Since becoming part of the Group, they have also deepened their solar energy expertise. The company has 13 locations in Skaraborg, Skåne and Halland and currently has approximately 150 employees.

Provektor will now construct its largest solar energy installation to date when Åkerholmen Lantbruk will get a rooftop solar solution of just over 5,200 square meters. The farm is run by Morgan and Camilla Dahlberg and is home to 750 dairy cows and another 1,150 young animals. According to Morgan, the choice of energy solution fell on solar cells was an obvious choice. Both in terms of smart use of unused space but also in terms of maintenance.

– Animal welfare and planning are key for us. I want an energy solution that doesn't take my time and requires minimal maintenance. Since we need our land for grazing and grain, a rooftop solar solution is therefore a good fit. We also have great confidence in Provektor and it will be fun to get our own solar energy solution, says Morgan Dahlberg, farmer.

Agriculture with great solar conditions
Agriculture often has good conditions for solar panels with large unused roof areas. But with milking machines, coolers, fans, lighting and agricultural machinery, an electricity supply that can cope with the high electricity consumption is also required. Something that Provektor has now been entrusted to provide Åkerholmen Lantbruk with.

– This project is very exciting for us. Åkerholmen has perfect installation conditions with large metal roofs with suitable slopes. In addition, we get to work in a beautiful environment and we looking forward to ensuring that agriculture can utilize the sun's rays onwards, says Johan Svensson, Project Manager, Provektor.