23 September 2022

Soltech company NP Gruppen starts building 4,300 square meters of solar energy in southern Sweden

Its common that Soltech companies, after being acquired, often creates business opportunities for each other. Something that is now happening when Trönninge El, which was acquired in May and became part of Provektor, has helped Stockholm-based NP Gruppen with a number of new solar energy projects in southern Sweden. The total solar energy surface for the projects is approximately 4,300 square meters and the order value for the projects amounts to just over SEK 13 million.

Since NP Gruppen became part of the Soltech Group, they have been transformed into a solar roof company that also offers solar energy solutions and have completed several solar energy projects in recent years.

Now the company will carry out several new solar energy assignments in southern Sweden with the help of Trönninge El, which in May became part of the Soltech company Provektor through an bolt on-acquisition.

Among other things, the assignments apply to about ten properties in Malmö that will have roof-mounted solar energy solutions installed. The properties are owned by a large public housing company. The houses that will receive solar installations are apartment buildings, of which one of the properties is a student residence. Marcus Juhlin, solar energy manager at NP Gruppen, talks about the importance of collaboration and is satisfied with the synergy effects created in the Group.

– The assignments are proof that alone is not strong and Trönninge El's connections in southern Sweden has been decisive for these deals. It feels very motivating and fun that companies within the Group can open new doors for each other and complement each other's skills in different projects. Now we look forward to jointly carrying out these solar energy projects for housing associations and property owners who have clearly realized the advantages of self-produced solar energy, says Marcus Juhlin, solar energy manager at NP Gruppen.