8 April 2024

Soltech company Fasadsystem launches mobile and foldable solar panel modules for construction companies and the modular property industry

Fasadsystem is now launching mobile and foldable solar modules for the construction industry and the modular real estate industry. The solar panel module is suitable for construction sheds and other movable premises such as temporary school premises, office premises and apartment buildings. Fasadsystem, led by solar energy manager Daniel Christiansen, sees a great demand for this type of solution. Both from construction companies but also from the public sector, which often uses movable modular buildings in their operations.

Fasadsystem i Stenkullen have been part of the Soltech Group since 2020. They offer different types of solar facades and roof-mounted solar energy solutions, in addition to the core competence in façade contracting as well as glass and aluminum work. The company is now broadening its product offering as it launches its innovation consisting of mobile and foldable solar panel modules.

What distinguishes Fasadsystem’s new solar solution from other similar products is that the solar module is foldable. This creates great advantages when storing the solar modules and when transporting them to the next construction site or modular building.

– We see a great demand from companies in the modular property industry to be able to offer a solar energy concept to their customers. The construction industry also wants to reduce its climate impact, and solar energy solutions on construction sheds are a smart alternative. I am convinced that our customers will appreciate that the product is foldable, which is convenient when it comes to inventory management and transport of the solar modules, says Daniel Christiansen, solar energy manager at Fasadsystem.

Increased sustainability requirements from municipalities and companies
In addition to Fasadsystem’s new solution being offered to construction companies, whose construction sites are often major consumers of electricity, demand is also increasing among rental companies of modular properties. The reason for this is, among other things, increased sustainability requirements from the modular building rental companies’ customers, who are often found in the public sector. A sector with increasingly high sustainability goals. Private companies have also raised their sustainability ambitions, which is why the requirements for modular and temporary buildings are also increasing.

– When we talk to companies in the modular property industry, we experience two clear wishes. Both the desire to find new and sustainable offerings to reduce their own and their customers’ environmental impact, but also the demand for flexible and easy-to-use products. I think our new solar innovation meets both sides and we at Fasadsystem are proud to now launch a new green product on the market for construction sheds and temporary buildings, concludes Daniel Christiansen.

This is how Fasadsystem’s mobile and foldable solar modules work:

  • Flexible for different modular building sizes
  • Rotatable depending on direction
  • No impact on the roof surface
  • Foldable for easy transport
  • Cost-effective in inventory management and storage
  • Inverters, cables and transport racks included
  • Manufactured in Fasadsystem’s factory in Gothenburg with the possibility of at least 75% recycled aluminium